What I offer : Bespoke Image making in Commercial , Editorial and Beauty .

Full service in Photography and Film.

send me your brief and My team & I will promptly send you back a quotation and if required personal treatment catered to your specific brief.

What is it you want to achieve?

To create a SPECIAL campaign you have been dreaming of.

Lets reach that Goal together & create the imagery which clarifies that unique look and feel for your branD.


With intimate and detailed attention to each project. You take a step closer to achieving a your vision.



Prior to shooting, locations are scouted for specific scenes with light readings for accurate time of day tests.

this is done in my time and cost

to maximise timing and ultimate light settings at each location.

Cape Town is my home town.

There are an abundance and a variety of locations

all within striking distance from the city.

Modern homes , Wild landscapes , European settings to open beaches . location packages

are presented subject to each briefs specific needs.


Fashion Films & Campaigns

Over recent years fashion films have become ever more important part of the branding for fashion brands. It often sets a mood for the rest of the campaign . I have embraced film and photography and have married the two disciplines in my work flow with desirable results in recent campaigns for An an londree and 68 lingerie ..

There are two ways this can be achieved

Option 1

Scripted to Film

A scripted storyboard with dedicated shot list are approved prior to production stage this goal is reached by us supplying a final treatment on your brief art direction is approved by agency and client

timing schedules, castings, locations are followed for a stylised and conceptual outcome .

or a more basic shoot to edit style is possible.

By utilising the location, styling and talent a quick few takes from the photography set up is put into motion and edited later to effect hence the term shoot to edit . I have created this with good effect.

Option 2

Shoot to Edit

With. planned stills campaign on a budget but still want that very important mood film . I can create image films out of my still photography set ups , taking a few moments from a tight shoot schedule. I strategically plan moving scenes with the photography set up allowing motion to play a part and capture the film frames needed to put a creative edit together


It all started with…

Fashion & beauty photography,



With experience in large set builds and big lighting set ups.

To the exact opposite of a small intimate shoots with only natural light .

I make it possible, with the help of my professional crews and vision.


Creating your look book is one of the many possibilities available . You can choose from a clinical studio set ups to outdoor location . the possibilities are infinite .

let us know what you are want and we will make it , or let us help you in realising the concept and work together in creating an artistic approach.

_DSC1724 copy.jpg

Editorial style look books

Looking for something different in your look book.There is more than one option to showing your clothing to your prospective clients.

_11_LIFESTYLE_14_04519_v2 copy.jpg

Take it outside

For this Quinny stroller look book we used natural light for a clean aesthetic and beauty lifestyle approach.

ananlondree ss20 loom book6237.jpg


Clinical lighting with white backgrounds always offer a clear aesthetic for your brand.


look books



I have worked for International sport brands, such as

Inter sport, Casall & Perry Sport,

Capturing beauty with athleticism.

My experience with fashion photography combined to the explosive energy of capturing the fleeting moments

express my ability to capture beautiful imagery for sport.

SPORT-9367 copy.jpg

Commercial shoot for Avon cosmetics

TOMTOM_DAY_3__03_OUTSIDE_YOGA__0024 copy.jpg

commercial shoot for TOM TOM Fitness

_69A0967 copy.jpg

Personal project




bigstar jeans_02.jpg
brigiita mom 10.jpg
_69A0148 copy.jpg

Over the years many of my commercial shoots have been based around lifestyle. merging my knowledge & understanding of how to shoot retail with the freedom and authenticity of human nature has made me a favourite amongst many clients